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Thinking of leaving the lab? Leavingthelab.com: helping you find the right career after science

Alternative jobs and careers for scientists

  • Is your conical flask half empty?
  • Is your Bunsen burnt?
  • Is the Higgs Boson pulling you down?
  • Are you only semi-conducting?
  • Does NMR no longer resonate?

Welcome to leavingthelab.com...

… Where we understand how you feel. Wonderful though it is, a career in science isn’t for everyone. At Leavingthelab.com, we want to help you navigate the sometimes treacherous path to a new career.

  • Decide whether science is or isn't right for you
  • Discover different career options
  • Get tips from ex-scientists who've made the switch
  • Find out where to go for more advice and information

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Good luck!